Long-Term Alternative Investments

Cresset Partners is a private investment firm focused on providing its investors with direct access to investment opportunities in private companies, real estate and sponsor products. We specialize in building outstanding, lasting partnerships by investing permanent capital, resources and expertise to create sustainable value. We believe that long-term investing creates better alignment and reduces risk and inefficiencies, leading to better outcomes for all shareholders.


Alternative Investment Thesis 

  • Historically, long-term investments create the most significant wealth through compounding growth opportunities
  • The opportunities for growth investments in the public market have significantly decreased, with a material reduction in the number of publicly traded companies 
  • Due to regulatory burdens, public company costs and the abundance of private capital, companies increasingly are raising private capital rather than going public
  • While many unique private market opportunities are increasingly available only to large-scale investors such as Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity firms, and large Family Offices – we believe that a broad cross-section of high-net worth and Family Office investors should have investments in these asset classes
  • Institutional investors and large Family Offices have increased their direct investments into private assets, a long-term trend we expect to accelerate

Attractive Investor Value Proposition

IMPROVED TRANSPARENCY - Investors have the opportunity to invest in individual opportunities they and their advisors believe are attractive and suitable for their goals.

LONG-TERM HOLDING PERIODS - Cresset Partners intends to target stable, long-term investments. This profile, combined with Cresset Partners permanent capital, long-term investment horizon and conservative use of leverage makes Cresset Partners an attractive investor when compared to traditional Private Equity firms.

STRUCTURES TAILORED TO INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS - Investments can be offered with more efficient fee structures, increased diversification, reduced J-Curve, and potential for interim liquidity.

EXPANDED ACCESS TO UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES - Cresset targets off-market, complex transactions with high barriers to entry, reducing or eliminating competitive bidding and thus optimizing entry pricing (i.e., basis).  Cresset also relies on its broad network to source deal flow.


Cresset Partners Real Estate focuses on direct investments in real estate assets and portfolios, focusing on multifamily properties throughout the U.S.


Cresset-Diversified Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

By investing in an opportunity zone, investors are able to defer taxes on capital gains, reduce taxes by holding the investment, and eliminate taxes if held for 10 years.



Cresset Partners Private Capital focuses on making direct, long-term investments in private companies. We aim to build outstanding businesses with families, entrepreneurs and other business owners looking for a true value-added partner with a long-term orientation toward sustainable growth. We have entrepreneurial backgrounds, and we seek founders, owners and management teams who share our vision.


Sponsor Products

Cresset Partners Sponsor Products provides access to potential excess returns of Private Equity funds on a highly diversified basis and with an appropriate risk profile, especially for investors new to the asset class. Our team has decades of experience executing these strategies on behalf of institutional investors.