Cresset Partners’ Sponsor Products provides High Net Worth and Family Office investors with institutional-quality, highly diversified exposure to the Private Equity asset class through secondary, primary, and co-investment strategies.  The Sponsor Products' senior investment team has nearly 40 years of combined private equity secondary and primary investment experience.  As opposed to institutionally oriented fund-of-funds investment managers, our investment strategies are executed through investment vehicles designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of High Net Worth investors and their advisors. Cresset's Sponsor Products team has the ability to design and manage both co-mingled fund products and customized vehicles with bespoke strategies to accommodate the needs of a variety of investor types.


Secondary/Primary/Co-Investment Fund-of-Funds


  • Registered investment vehicles
  • Flexible investment windows with lower minimums
  • Limited redemption feature
  • 1099 issuing entity


  • Bespoke products with tailored strategies and features

  • Traditional or innovative fund structures
  • Institutional level of sophistication combined with increased selectivity


  • Build portfolios highly diversified by manager, fund, strategy, asset type, vintage year, and geography
  • Focus on high quality managers and supportable asset values
  • Acquire assets below Net Asset Value
  • Acquire mature assets, with increased visibility on exit timing and value
  • Invest in primary funds and co-investments to enhance returns and promote access to the highest quality managers


  • Mitigation or elimination of the J-Curve
  • Rapid portfolio diversification
  • Shorter holding periods
  • Generation of relatively early and consistent cash yields across a variety of market environments
  • Enhanced visibility, facilitating risk identification and pricing
  • Mitigation of blind-pool risk